Relax at Our Sumner
Dentist Office

Dentist SumnerA smile is a gift to be protected and cherished. Dr. April Ziegele is just the Sumner dentist to enhance and strengthen your smile. She employs the highest standards for all her dental work: either it is done right the first time or not done at all. Enjoy the creature comforts of her exquisite Sumner cosmetic dentistry office–with an on-site masseuse, aromatherapy and mango ice cream, you’ll become a fan of the dental chair.
What do you see when you smile? Dr. Ziegele sees your personality along with the unlimited potential of your smile. Cosmetic dentistry in Puyallup area by Dr. Ziegele is capable of dental transformations in just a few visits! Teeth will not only look and feel good, Dr. Ziegele checks your bite to ensure a sound foundation for any dental work. You’ll love your new smile for years to come!

Peace of Mind
for You and Your Smile

Dentist SumnerEvery patient is an honored guest at Dr. Ziegele’s Sumner cosmetic dentistry practice. We only serve one guest at a time, so you will never feel rushed. Additionally, Dr. Ziegele is such an accomplished dentist in Sumner, she was named one of the top 23 dentists in North America by dental expert Dr. Bill Blatchford!

Dental excellence is a reality every single day at this dental office. “Ours is not a theoretical commitment to excellence, but a reliable, hands-on, day-to-day demonstration of exceptional service,” – April Ziegele, DDS.

Come see for yourself! Refresh your peace of mind and your smile at our serene Sumner dentist office, where you are treated with truly outstanding dental care!

Nervous about seeing a dentist? You won’t be with us! We offer a variety of options to keep you comfortable and relaxed, including sedation dentistry. Discover how sedation dentistry can help you by watching the video below: